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Roof contractors are all vastly different with their skill sets, so feel confident with the next roof project by working with Jayhawk Exteriors. Their expert roofing skills and years of experience will make homeowners smile with pride at their gorgeous home.

How can an expert roofer help every homeowners' property value?
  • Roofing and siding are two protective barriers to the interior. If any of these two components fails, residents see extensive repair issues arise from water damage.
  • A basic paint job is nice on a home's exterior, but new siding is an even smarter addition. It provides strength, beauty and increased property value with siding's exquisite textures and color choices.
  • With a new asphalt shingle roof, homeowners benefit from an examination of both the deck, soffits, trim and gutter systems. All these components are intricately connected to form a strong structure.
Jayhawk Exteriors' professionals benefit all customers with their expertise and talents
  • As GAF Master Elite roofing and siding professionals, Jayhawk uses the skills demonstrated by material manufacturers to install shingles perfectly every time. Each shingle manufacturer has slightly different specifications for their product, making an Elite status crucial for a perfect installation.
  • Siding choices are vast for homeowners, but it's not necessary to have the most expensive material. Professionally installed vinyl siding looks as clean and neat as a more expensive material. Even the color choices are extensive for the most discerning customers.
  • Some professionals may not survey a property as thoroughly as others. A new roof installation isn't very sound if the sheathing is damaged, for example. Jayhawk Exteriors examines, quotes and repairs all components before installing new materials for a quality project that should last decades.
  • Approaching roof professionals on the job may be intimidating, but Jayhawk Exteriors encourages discussions about any project details. Working together only makes the roof project more successful for everyone.

If you would like to ask a question regarding steep slope roofs, vinyl siding, windows or gutters, please contact a roofing and siding contractor from Jayhawk Exteriors.

Going above and beyond basic roofing installations.

Roofing projects are usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most homeowners. Jayhawk Exteriors wants to make that time as comfortable as possible. Previous customers applaud stellar detailing on their project. If caulking is ever necessary, it's cleanly added and adjusted to look like a smooth continuous surface. Roofing projects are inevitably messy during the removal process, but Jayhawk works to keep the site clean for safety and aesthetics. At the end of each workday, homeowners will see contractors actively picking up and stacking old shingles. They'll even find those hidden nails in grass or bushes. Professionalism is more than just a quality roofing installation. Homeowners should expect workers to be polite and respectful of the entire property. If there are any special requests, roofers do their best to make the situation as pleasing as possible to everyone at home.

Roofing and siding contractors are ready to please you.

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