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Like any other feature of a home, the roof needs to be regularly maintained to make sure that it functions as it is supposed to. The rooftop is constantly exposed to sunlight, wind, rain and other elemental forces that can wear down on its structural integrity. To make sure that individuals do not need to call Virginia Beach roofing professionals prematurely, it is strongly recommended for all homeowners to regularly keep up with their home's maintenance needs. For first time homeowners, however, it can be difficult to determine when the home requires inspection. Fortunately, there are a few factors that individuals can keep in mind to know when they should take a look at their rooftop.

A roof should always be maintained, not only to make the most of its structure and functionality but also to guarantee that if something goes wrong with its components, the customer's warranty will remain valid. Almost all roofing material manufacturers specifically state that their warranties will be voided if the homeowner's roof has not been maintained. This means that regular inspections and small adjustments should be made to prove that the roof is being cared for. Most professionals will recommend for homeowners to inspect their roofs at least twice every year. However, in addition to regular inspections, there may be some instances where the homeowner will need to inspect their roof more frequently.

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For the most part, inspections should be performed before and after a season that features intense weather condition. This varies from region to region; some homeowners have to deal with winter as the most intense season while others have to deal with summer. When the winter season is the biggest concern, homeowners should watch out for cold and moisture damage to their roofs. In regions where the summer is the most severe season, individuals should beware of solar radiation and thermal shock caused by the heat.

While visual inspections can be performed regularly, homeowners should consider looking into a formal moisture survey as well. This survey helps individuals measure where the most problematic sections of the roof are according to how the structure beneath the rooftop works. These tests are designed to look into the structure of the roof and determine what sections are working as intended and which sections may need to be inspected further. Moisture damage beneath the joists and rafters can result in loss of ventilation, the appearance of mold and many other concerns that homeowners can mitigate by performing a regular inspection.

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