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Vinyl siding appeared in construction sites in the late 1950s. Nowadays, it is a common option for residences across the United States. Due to its low maintenance, homeowners can enjoy the thought of lessening the worry and cost of repainting their home every few years. Vinyl siding can also save money when compared to the alternatives as the price of vinyl siding is about 11 percent less than cedar and 26 percent less than aluminum siding.

Some environmentalists have given vinyl a bad rap for being less recyclable and less energy concentrated. However, manufacturers have become more eco friendly by producing siding that meets the standards of the Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability software. Now, when compared to alternative cladding, including cedar, brick and fiber cement, vinyl siding (and insulated vinyl siding) outdoes its competitors in almost all life cycle platforms for environmental operations.

However, due to this type of material, a contractor's knowledge and expertise are essential for proper installation. Since vinyl can swell and tighten, the siding will bend and distort if not installed correctly. Competent Virginia Beach roofing contractors can help the homeowner select a quality material and appropriately install the siding.

Other good reasons for a homeowner to consider upgrading their home's façade to vinyl siding include the fact that vinyl siding's value beats the lowest installed cost of many exterior coverings.

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Vinyl siding also does not demand caulking or painting, and only requires an annual cleaning. Therefore, it has the lowest life cycle price tag when compared to other options.

What's more, the newest vinyl siding products can handle the severest weather conditions, including winds of 180 mph. With the capability to resist moisture, cold and heat, vinyl and other polymeric materials can maintain their natural look and performance over time.

Thus, Americans are making vinyl clad houses a solid favorite as it enhances the appearance of the home and escalates the market value when appraised. In addition, vinyl siding lowers maintenance costs by removing the need to repair water or insect damage, because of the shielding layer and the stability of the plastic.

Finally, manufacturer's warranties are the longest in the vinyl siding industry. Residential vinyl covering, (including insulated vinyl siding), is the only external casing with a merchandise accreditation program. A quality control firm manages the certification process and then guarantees that the materials meet or go beyond the American Standards to Testing Materials (ASTM) principles.

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