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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Tough Roofs For Tough Coastal Climates

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Coastal climates like that of Virginia Beach demand more of their building materials. This is certainly true for roofs. When a homeowner is thinking about building a new home or replacing a current roof, Virginia Beach roofing has some timely advice.

The sun and the sea make the Hampton Roads region the envy of many. As great as they are, the seacoast comes with corrosive salt air and sometimes even intense storms. This makes building a challenge, but by using building materials that can more efficiently handle the added stress, homeowners can keep their homes looking great for years.

Metal roofs are seaworthy mates for roofing. They last a long time, can handle nearly any weather and they are energy efficient. Rather than transfer the sun's heat to the building's interior, it reflects light's heat away. The material is the most costly, but its upfront cost is balanced by strength, longevity and energy savings.

Metal roofs are made with a variety of architecturally interesting materials, from exquisite, classic copper to powder coated steel roof systems. For every budget and need, there is a good roofing metal solution for most buildings.

Another material that is durable but initially expensive is slate. Its natural stone beauty is undeniable, plus slate is invulnerable to rot. This material is heavier than most others are so it may require an extra support system for an existing building.

A roofing expert from Jayhawk Exteriors of Virginia Beach VA would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, gutters or windows.

Manufacturers have developed an engineered slate lookalike from plastic and recycled rubber. It weighs (and costs) only about a third of real slate and few could tell the difference between them. This product is guaranteed to last up to 50 years.

For an Italianate or Spanish hacienda feel, clay barrel tiles resist both fire and water. They need very little maintenance, just a periodic removal of debris. Individual tiles may break, however, and require replacement. There are new materials, such as fiber cement that help keep weight, cost and maintenance down.

Many people love the country look of wood shake shingles and engineers have developed new products and techniques to make them hardier for a coastal climate. Pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine does not develop that weathered look for a few years, which may make it difficult to tell it apart from a cedar shingle. Periodic washing may be necessary to remove plant growth. The shake shingles are expensive to install and need special techniques, but they last from 30 to 50 years.

Before replacing a roof, ask about all the new products that can give the look and feel traditional materials offer at a more affordable price.

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