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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Tips For Aluminum Gutters

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Replacing the gutters is not a decision that should be taken lightly. As important as the roof is, the material the gutters are made of will impact the way they perform over their lifetime. One of the most popular materials homeowners choose today is aluminum. Lightweight and easy to install, aluminum resists rust, making the gutters easier to keep clean. They are also less likely to rot than vinyl gutters.

Aluminum gutters are also relatively inexpensive when compared to other gutter materials and come painted in a variety of colors. They will easily fit into the home's current design. However, aluminum is also a soft metal, so there are certain disadvantages that homeowners should keep in mind before hiring a Virginia Beach roofing specialist.

Aluminum gutters come in different thicknesses. The best thickness depends on an area's weather conditions. Gutters made from mostly aluminum will be stronger and more durable than mixed materials, but there are environmentally friendly options that take advantage of added recycled materials. These gutters bend easily when a ladder is placed up against them or if a tree branch falls on them during a storm, so heavyweight aluminum is a must for snowy climates. Snow and ice can dent and warp the metal as well.

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For those who live in areas that get little snow, but plenty of rain, a midweight aluminum will often be sufficient. Since aluminum doesn't thin over time and will last for over 20 years if taken care of properly, homeowners should simply go with the thickest aluminum gutters they can afford. The only precaution other than dents is to watch for cracks or splitting during the summer. Rapidly changing temperatures can cause the metal to expand and contract. To reduce the likelihood of leaks, seamless varieties of aluminum gutters may be a better option.

A good way to catch the cracks in existing gutters is to have a roofing expert check them out while also checking the roof. Although aluminum is ordinarily resistant to rotting, ignoring leaks or allowing wet leaves and other debris to accumulate inside the gutters can provide the perfect environment for rust and mold to grow. In addition, if the gutter is clogged, water can back up over the fascia board and onto the roof. The water will accelerate the degeneration of the shingles. To avoid these types of problems, it is better to have the gutters and roof regularly inspected by a professional.

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