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Most homeowners don't worry about their roof until after a problem develops. If a homeowner notices a leak, it might not mean that the entire roof must be replaced, but it does need expert care. Many times, a Virginia Beach roofing company can make some repairs and delay the need for a costly roof replacement. How does a homeowner know if a roof needs to be completely replaced or not? This article details several steps that go into determining if a roof needs to be replaced.

According to most experts, a properly installed roof should last around 25 years. If a roof is more than 20 years old, the homeowner should probably consider getting it reroofed even if it is still relatively fine. In addition, if there are granules coming loose from the shingles, this is a good sign that the roof is near the end of its life cycle. A homeowner might notice granules collecting in the gutter, or the homeowner might be able to tell by looking at the shingles for loose granules.

Another sign to look for is peeling and curling shingles.

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If looking at the angle of the roof line, a person may be able to tell if the shingles are curling up a bit and peeling back. Another thing to look for is daylight shining in through the roof, even if there may not be any noticeable issues from the outside. If a homeowner enters the attic and can see light coming through between the boards, it is a sign that a new roof is definitely needed.

One more thing to check is the flexibility of the shingles. On a warm day, the shingle may crumble or break off is someone tries to pull up the edge of it. If the shingles are still in good health, they should bend up and flop back down without breaking when manipulated.

It is a common practice for a roof to be reshingled on top of the existing roof. Usually, building codes will say that there can be no more than two layers of shingle on a roof. This is not because it will cause problems with the roofing materials but because the structure of the house can only support a certain amount of weight. The good news is that if there is only one layer of shingles on the roof now, a homeowner can save money by having the new roof put on right on top of the existing one.

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