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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About The Various Types Of Hip Roofs

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In the world of roofing, there are two types: those with gables, and those without. Roofs without gables are called hip or hipped roofs. This article is about the various types of hip roofs and some of the terminology surrounding them.

Hip roofs generally have a gentle slope, with all sides sloping down to the walls. A low slope is more stable in extreme winds. This is ideal for Virginia Beach roofing because the area is prone to severe hurricanes. Hip roofs are often seen in ranch-style homes, cottages and bungalows, although they suit other types of floor plan.

The upper joint where two adjoining sides meet is called the hip. The angle at which the two sides meet is called the hip bevel. Where the underlying structure is a square, the roof is pyramidal in shape and has four hips of equal length. This is also called a pavilion roof. These are typically found on gazebos.

If the building is rectangular in shape, the hipped roof will have two short triangular sides and two long sides that are trapezoidal in shape. The triangular sides are connected by a ridge. A pavilion roof has no ridge and all four rafters come to a point at the apex. In a home that has an attached garage or an extension, the joint between the main building and the attachment is called a valley.

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One variation on the hipped roof is the Mansard roof, characterized by a double pitch and steep sides. This style became popular in 17th century France, when homeowners were taxed according to the height of the building up to the eaves of the roof. Any living space contained within the upper pitch was exempt from taxation. The law permitted as many as three or even four tax-exempt stories within a Mansard roof.

Another style of hip roof is the half-hipped roof, also called a jerkin-head or clipped-gable roof. These roofs actually have gables, but look like the points of both gables have been cut off and squared off at the top with a small hip. These are common in Austria and Slovenia and, to a lesser extent, in Germany and Denmark.

The Dutch gable is a hip roof with a small gable at the top. The advantage here is that it allows more space for an attic. This arrangement has a slight drawback in that the gutters are more difficult to attach, requiring more bracing from the wind. As mentioned earlier, Virginia Beach is frequently subjected to hurricane-force winds.

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