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A home is one of the largest investments that an individual can have, so keeping the roof and other important structures in good repair will help to lengthen the life of the roof. Having the roof checked out regularly is one of the best investments a homeowner can make. Spring is the perfect time of year to have that done because winter can be hard on roofs, and any needed repairs can be made by a local Virginia Beach roofing company before the weather becomes problematic again.

A good maintenance program is important even if the roof is relatively new. When potential issues are handled while the problems are small, rain, snow, ice and mold won't be able to do as much damage as they could if ignored or neglected for several months. Having a professional check out the gutters for moldy leaves, rust, cracks and other problems is also important. Clogged gutters can damage the shingles and leaking gutters can ruin the siding or foundation of the house.

Replacing damaged or worn tiles, fixing cracks in the flashing or chimney collar, and repairing leaking dormers or skylights in a timely manner will protect a homeowner's investment.

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It can also reduce overall repair costs that can easily escalate into major projects given enough time. The purpose of implementing a spring maintenance program is to avoid having to make costly repairs later on, so having a roofing expert do the gutter cleaning each spring can save the homeowner not only time but also more expensive repairs during the winter months.

Keeping the roof clean and free of wet leaves is also essential spring maintenance better left to professionals. While many homeowners might be tempted to do the spring maintenance and repairs themselves, wet roofs are dangerous to walk on. A competent roofer will be trained to walk on slippery surfaces as well as know how to spot potential problems with the roof.

The roofing rakes available at any home supply store will damage the shingles if homeowners haven't been trained to use them. The teeth on these rakes are sharp, and they will cut into the shingles if they are not used properly. Once a shingle has been sliced, rainwater will be able to get past the shingle and damage the roof deck, insulation and other important structures underneath. Moist insulation provides the perfect environment for mold to grow, so it is always best to hire a professional to do spring maintenance tasks.

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