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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Soffit and Trims

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Homeowners today perform regular maintenance inside the home to reduce unwarranted repairs and sustain a healthy environment. However, overlooking the area on the outskirts of a structure can lead to costly upkeep. One area frequently neglected contains the soffit and trims around the roof.

A soffit is the covering on the exposed overhang of a residential building. Professionals refer to the area beneath the main roof, porch or anything with a noticeable ceiling as a soffit. The boards used to create a soffit are panels or fascia boards.

Soffits aid in the circulation of air throughout the attic and will control the temperature of the overall roof area. Normally, soffits have small holes that move the air in and out of the building. The vents transfer the circulated air and allow heat and moisture to escape. The lack of moisture will prevent mold buildup, and reducing the temperature will lower energy bills in warm months.

However, if the soffits are solid or sealed tightly, homeowners should consult Virginia Beach roofing professionals for options on installing a vent panel or ask them to suggest ways to improve air circulation in the attic.

A roofing expert from Jayhawk Exteriors of Virginia Beach would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylights or gutters.

Homeowners should also know that soffit protects the rafters from weather damage. Exposed beams will cause rotting timbers and possibly create mold buildup. Soffits with lanced vents can also regulate the air circulation and minimize the amount of moisture entering the attic. Soffits also serve to control unwanted vermin from penetrating the attic and causing air gaps to form, lessening the effectiveness of the insulation.

Soffits are available in aluminum and vinyl. Vinyl is a valuable product known for resisting heat and moisture contact. Vinyl is water resilient, economical and considered the best choice for soffits. Aluminum is the most cost effective material to produce; it is easy to install and weighs less than other substitutes. Aluminum is sturdy and will not decay, break or crack.

In addition, soffit trims also come in vinyl or aluminum strips. The fabricated trims allow an easier way to repair or install soffit panels by maneuvering them in the middle of the two pieces. Soffit strips are available in J, H and F trims. The letters specify which boards slide through which trim based on their shape.

Soffit boards and trims add to the overall design of a home. Keeping them clean and maintained will reduce the need for repairs and will provide a favorable environment.

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