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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Soffit and Trim Considerations

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Virginia Beach roofing professionals aren't just in charge of shingle care and leak repairs. They also service the rest of the protective system. The soffit and trim, including the fascia boards, are just as important to the roof as shingles and flashing. Homeowners might be interested in soffit and trim care, so they know when a roof is being serviced properly by experienced professionals.

Contractors first look for any soffit or trim damage. The roof's undersides are vulnerable to weathering and rot. Soffits contain roof joist ends and protective fascia board. Roofers may tap on these lumber sections to verify any decay issues, including rot or termite infestations. They'll estimate any necessary wood replacement within the soffit to strengthen the roof as a whole. Decay and pest infestation can spread to the main roof area if left neglected at the soffit.

The roof's eave is carefully examined for any damage as well. Drip edges are particularly vulnerable to damage, especially if roofing is worn down. Contractors will look for strong flashing and adequate shingle overhang on the drip edge. Any shingle cracks or dislodged flashing could allow moisture into the roof deck material.

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Because the main roof deck is covered with shingles, roofers often use the soffit area as a prime deck inspection point. They can see the deck along the roof underside even though it's painted. Roofers tap and inspect the wood to determine if any structural instability is present. Any damaged wood or roofing materials along the drip edge or deck underside must be replaced.

Two roof accessories are also crucial at the soffit: gutters and ventilation openings. Contractors examine and adjust gutters so they're angled downward for swift water movement. Soffit vents are incoming air pathways, providing the roof with natural temperature control. Contractors verify the vent is operational with no obstacles preventing airflow. Any wood decay around vents or gutters must be corrected. Fastener failure results at gutter connection points with the fascia board when wood rots, for example. Bowing gutters create erosion problems at ground level as water leaks continue. Contractors fix wood decay and survey all roofing components to keep the system running smoothly.

Contractors gain access to soffits by using ladders leaned against the building. Homeowners can prepare for this inspection by removing any potted plants or other obstacles where ladders must reside. Roofers can work around permanent items, such as bushes, to complete the inspection. Any courteous preparation for trim work is appreciated by roofers.

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