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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Shingles and Understanding Damage

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Homeowners are usually familiar with their roof's shingles fading and wearing down over the years due to basic weathering. Although this type of deterioration is common, other issues can arise with a roof system due to other factors. Material defects and improper installation also contribute to accelerated shingle deterioration. When homeowners call for an appointment with Virginia Beach roofing professionals, residents can point out problems and possibly have them covered by various warranties. Observation and communication are key homeowner attributes to practice when evaluating the rooftop for potential problems.

A common shingle problem is bubbling or blistering across the surface. This damage can be difficult to detect because it occurs with poor installations and material defects. Contractors who don't install the materials flush against the underlayment below create a small gap. Water becomes trapped in this gap, forcing it to evaporate in that exact spot. Blisters then occur and can crack open. Material defects also cause blisters when moisture becomes trapped within the shingle itself. Evaporative processes take over on hot days, forming bubbles that can be seen from the ground.

When roofing fasteners are not placed properly across the shingle, tears can result. For example, contractors drive four nails close to a shingle's edges. Any excessive winds moving through the area continually pull on the shingle's shape.

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Over time, these fasteners tear through the shingle's edge, creating more damage that allows moisture to seep underneath.

When the wrong shingle fasteners are used, roofing materials can actually fall right off the structure. However, shingles are relatively heavy when layered according to the correct industry standards. Staples will pull out from weight and fatigue over time, leaving the shingle exposed to damage. Nails are normally the best fastener for almost all shingle applications.

All shingles have specific wind resistances attributed to their design. If contractors don't use the proper designation, damages occur across the entire rooftop. Shingles may lift and flap in the breeze, for instance. Reputable roofers with attention to wind resistance specifications can avoid these damage problems entirely.

Homeowners should always stay off the roof regardless of the issues at hand. Contractors use specialized safety gear and years of experience to traverse the surface carefully. If there's an active leak, a call to a roofer's emergency line could inform residents of simple tasks to perform in the home that can reduce damage. Only professionals should work on the roof to keep its surface safe while protecting residents from possible injury.

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