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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Rooftop Accessories Explained

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When homeowners consider rooftop care, they're usually concerned with basic shingle repair and replacement. Several other accessories are part of a traditional roof system that keeps water flowing consistently to the ground below. Virginia Beach roofing professionals check all these accessories for functionality during each inspection. Although they don't wear down as quickly as other roof components, these accessories must be evaluated and replaced when necessary to preserve a water resistant surface.

A small yet critical part to any rooftop eave is the drip edge. Although shingles extend slightly farther than the roof's edge, water damage can occur in the decking at that juncture. A drip edge in the rough shape of an "L" attaches to the eave, allowing water to flow across the metal's surface instead of the structure's wood sections. This drip edge usually lasts several decades, or as long as the home's rooftop does.

Homeowners may be familiar with metal flashing that rests against transitions across the rooftop, but another type of flashing is crucial to leak prevention. Counter flashing is installed above the edges of step flashing, creating a basic umbrella over seams. If these flashing and penetration seams are exposed to rain, leaks can occur at that location. Counter flashing protects the other metal components while maintaining the roof's attractive appearance from the curb.

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More homeowners today are concerned about saving on air conditioning bills. Reflective roof coatings are a subtle rooftop accessory that can keep the home's interior temperatures cooler. Specific reflective materials are used for these coatings, and they allow sunlight and its ultraviolet radiation to reflect away from a home. The property remains cooler as a result, allowing residents to use less energy and stay comfortable. Contractors can either spray or roll on these coatings at the homeowner's request.

The roof requires extensive ventilation to maintain a steady temperature. These vents are located at the soffits and ridges. The peaks or ridges are exposed to weathering elements, however, so they require considerable protection. A ridge vent cap is usually installed to make the roof appear like one cohesive unit and to provide vent protection during rains.

Contractors verify all components' functionality with each preventive maintenance appointment along with any signs of thermal shock. This weakening process occurs when extreme temperatures negatively affect a material. Thermal shock makes metal vulnerable to cracks and warping, allowing potential leaks into the home. Contractors look for any extreme rooftop damages and repair them quickly to avoid any major problems within the structure itself.

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