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A number of compelling reasons make homeowners want more energy efficient roofing tiles. This newer roofing allows people to save money on energy costs in both the summer and winter. In the long run, striving for energy efficiency helps to protect the environment by making it less necessary to rely on as much on toxic fossil fuels. A Virginia Beach roofing contractor can help homeowners select the roofing tiles that work well with their type of home and the local climate.

Reflective Material

Many roofing contractors will be able to install reflective material on a roof that will help to bounce sunlight back up into the atmosphere in order to help keep a house cool during the summer. Individuals may be able to do installations personally, depending on their expertise, but a contractor experienced in working with the material will maximize the efficiency of the installation.

The approach to using reflective material is to avoid the way that a house heats up when sunlight hits it. Reflecting sunlight away from the roof allows the house to cool down without using any additional energy to do so. This will help to reduce energy bills. In some cases, it could be possible to treat tile that is already on the roof with a material that will make it reflective.

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This technique is known as a cooling roof, which is an upgrade that is usually available.

Green Sealant

Another energy efficient approach is to use sealant that helps increase the heat retention effects of the roof. In the case of green roofing, it can often be a good idea to add additional waterproofing elements as well. This can be done with materials such as PVC. In this case, it is important to make sure that the roof's slope is at an angle of at least 1 or 2 percent in order for water to run off the roof to the ground.

Other Possibilities

Another way to help with the environment and with personal expenses is to try some green approaches with the roof. For example, in the case of a flat roof in an urban environment, it is possible to put a garden with various plants on a properly prepared roof.

This can help to make use of sunlight while fully covering the roof. It also helps to absorb sunlight instead of letting it transfer into the house. Essentially, it's an alternative to using reflective materials.

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