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Home and business owners who suspect roof damage often want to climb up to check things out for themselves before contacting a Virginia Beach roofing professional. Following a few basic safety tips will ensure that those who are getting onto the roof are just as healthy after coming down as they were before going up. While roof damage can obviously make for a bad day, damage to one's body will make the situation even worse. By using the right techniques, individuals can dramatically improve their odds of remaining injury free.

Unless it is a large commercial building with direct roof access from the inside, the most practical way to get there will be from a ladder. Therefore, safe ladder practices are vital to an individual's welfare. Before each use, ladders should be inspected for damage. A good place to begin is to look for cracks or broken places in the material. This includes a check for indications that the rungs may be separating from the rails and that wooden ladders are not starting to rot or metal ones are not rusty. The ladder should be long enough to extend beyond the surface of the roof by at least three feet. This will provide a handhold when transferring from ladder to roof.

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It will also provide enough excess length to keep the ladder from falling.

To ensure stability, the ladder should be on a level and firm surface at the bottom. It should also be checked to make sure both rails are securely placed against the structure at the top. If only one rail is making contact, the ladder is not straight and will be unstable. It may be necessary to have someone hold the ladder to help steady it and keep it from kicking out at the bottom. When ascending or descending, individuals should always face the ladder and keep both hands free to hold onto the sides. Unlike stairs, on which the practice is to face the direction of travel regardless of whether one is ascending or descending, individuals should always face the ladder. Leaning over the side to reach for something is a dangerous practice because the ladder could twist and cause the individual to lose balance and fall. Instead, the ladder should be relocated to allow comfortable access to the task at hand. For example, when cleaning debris from gutters, it will be necessary to move the ladder a number of times.

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