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As homeowners select a trusted contractor for a roofing project, the next step is creating and signing a contract. These contracts are commonplace for any minor or major repairs and installations. Roofing documents basically cover all pricing and project details to ensure both parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities. However, a Virginia Beach roofing contract should also include specific details to make any project comfortable for everyone involved.

Roofing projects require large vehicles to haul materials in and out of the property's borders. Ideally, contractors want vehicles to be as close as possible to the roof's edge for streamlined worker efficiency. However, heavy vehicles on a residential driveway could damage the concrete with excessive strain on the area's load limit. If homeowners don't want vehicles on their driveway, they must place this stipulation in the contract. Vehicles must be parked on the street to protect the driveway in these cases.

Work hours are important details to add into a contract. If residents cannot be off the property each day until 8 a.m., roofers should start work at this time or slightly afterward. Roofers starting work at 6 a.m. might bother neighbors as well.

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Agree on a reasonable daily start and termination time period to efficiently complete the project with little disruption to the neighborhood.

Contractors may ask homeowners about access to resources, such as water or electricity. This detail is entirely up to the residents because resource access can increase bills significantly. If power tools need a plug in point, for instance, they'll be pulling significant current throughout the day. Using faucets for water needs also increases household use. If homeowners decline any use of resources, contractors can always use alternatives, such as mobile water units and electrical generators.

Residents might concentrate on proper shingle alignment and flashing installation, but cleanup habits are just as important. Don't assume cleanup is part of the installation price. All cleanup processes should be listed in the contract. Verify if clean up occurs on a daily or weekly schedule. Homeowners should insist on daily clean up to keep the ground clear of hazardous waste, such as rogue nails.

Roofing contracts shouldn't be confusing, but some homeowners may not be comfortable with the wording. Although contractors can read and explain the contractual clauses, homeowners should have a third party look over the document. Legal professionals are the best choice as a third party because they aren't biased toward the homeowner or contractor. Legal experts explain all the clauses, providing homeowners with a complete understanding of the details.

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