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A penetration is any object extending out of the roof's surface, such as a chimney or pipe. Virginia Beach roofing contractors pay close attention to penetrations because their connections with the rooftop surface create a seam. This transition area is susceptible to gaps and leaks into the home's interior. Proper roof servicing is necessary to keep all penetrations in good working order with no leaks around their bases.

When contractors visit for their biyearly preventive maintenance appointments, they should inspect skylights carefully. These sky windows are technically penetrations because they require a large hole in the roof for sunlight access. Roofers examine the frame carefully, verifying that all fasteners are securely attached to the structural wood curb. There is normally flashing around skylights, so those metal sections are also inspected. Flashing might be tightened down, for instance, if a small leak persists at the skylight's edge. Even patching compound could be used to fill those tiny crevices around penetrations.

Pipes and vents are part of a home's design, allowing interior air to emit outside and prevent interior condensation. Around each penetration is a boot. Also known as a flange, these boots create a smooth appearance to the penetration and rooftop transition point. When rain or snow occurs, the moisture sloughs off the boot and into nearby gutters.

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Without coverings across penetration seams, moisture can easily move into the home and cause extensive damage.

Residents may want to add a satellite dish to their rooftop. Contractors strongly suggest placing the dish on a surface without roofing materials, such as a chimney or wood siding. These optional accessories can actually damage roofs if attached to shingles. Fasteners create seams that form enough space for potential leaks into the home. Homeowners should discuss satellite dish installation with roofers before a location is chosen in order to preserve the rooftop.

The chimney is one of the most obvious penetrations. Homeowners may notice all the flashing around its base. Shingles butt up against the chimney, but it's metal flashing that creates the leak protection at the seam. Contractors always check this flashing and repair it when necessary.

Homeowners can do their part and observe the roof from the ground. If a windy day just passed, examine the roof for any problems. Fallen antennas or missing shingles should be dealt with immediately, for instance. Roofers should visit the property as soon as possible to fix problems that can easily evolve into major issues.

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