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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Responsible Shingle Disposal

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Virginia Beach roofing companies sometimes use the services of a construction waste management company or their own vehicles to dispose of old shingles from a roofing replacement project. Top companies find a way to recycle old shingles, rather than having them end up in a landfill.

Reputable roofing companies go to the effort of ensuring that any old roofing materials disposed of by a subcontractor actually do get recycled, which is an important consideration when choosing a roofing company.

Another extra measure good roofing companies take involves keeping old shingles free of other building materials such as wood or metal. The exception is nails from old shingles. Powerful magnets handle this phase of the recycling process.

Recycling old roofing materials in this manner makes sound business sense. Often more economical than disposing of shingles in a landfill, recycling also appeals to customers who appreciate the conscientious attitude of roofing companies that manage waste responsibly. Good companies provide customers with detailed information about how they handle disposal of old materials and often go the additional step of supplying a report on the actual percentage of material recycled. Turning old roofing into new uses provides obvious environmental benefits as well. The majority of asphalt shingle recycling goes toward road paving and reroofing projects, accounting for 85 to 90 percent of the shingles used for this purpose.

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It might seem as though old shingles represent only a small portion of the solid waste generated, but studies indicate that they trail only wood and food waste. Worse still, landfills often disposed of shingles by burning them. Since asphalt shingles account for nearly 70 percent of the roofing material used on new homes and roof replacements, almost 11 million tons of shingle waste products represent a substantial problem. Recycled asphalt roofing shingles (RAS) produces upwards of two million tons of asphalt binder for use in pavement construction. This amount accounts for close to 10 percent of the annual requirement for liquid asphalt binder.

The only potential reason for disposing of asphalt shingles other than by recycling is the presence of asbestos. If asbestos makes up any portion of a shingle, hazardous waste material regulations come into play, but legitimate shingle manufacturers eliminated asbestos long ago out of concern for its potential to cause cancer. Any roofing materials manufactured since 1980 seldom contain any asbestos. Specialized asbestos remediation companies handle the safe removal of asphalt roofing materials and often work in conjunction with top roofing companies.

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