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A homeowner probably has little occasion to think about the windows in their home until three things prompt a window's replacement: the pane is broken or the window leaks, a slow increase in the energy bill and visible water damage surrounds the wood frame.

Proper window selection can benefit a home in many ways. Windows allow light to enter the structure or permeate the room with warmth from the sun. An open window can also provide natural air circulation. However, windows are also the main culprit of energy loss due to heating and air conditioning systems working harder to make up for the shortfall.

Energy loss can account for 10 to 25 percent of the heating bill. Thus, energy efficiency is the biggest motivator to installing replacement windows in a home. Windows that contain an Energy Star label have delivered principle analysis, which proves that the materials meet the least criteria for energy efficiency. Energy Star merchandise can come with a higher purchase price; however, the products have a proven ability to reduce utility costs over the use of traditional products.

A roofing expert from Jayhawk Exteriors of Virginia Beach VA would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylights or gutters.

A homeowner should consult an experienced Virginia Beach roofing expert, who can detail the benefits of replacement windows with Energy Star ratings.

Furthermore, owners should know that the process of replacing windows does not always involve the entire window; sometimes, it requires only the removal of the glass and the moving parts. The outside casing or the frame remains, allowing for easy reinstallation. Unless the homeowner desires a resized window or fixed windows, most experts do not advise taking out the entire window and replacing it with a new construction model.

Even so, if the framing around the window is damaged or rotten, an installation of a new construction window is advisable. In addition, home renovations that change the size of the window in the exterior wall would also require the reconstruction of an entire window with all new parts.

The experts suggest single pane glass with the double pane versions, due to their reputation for being highly effective with a broad range of selective coatings. Replacement costs are ambiguous and depend on the home's location, the type of window, and availability of the replacement windows.

Most homeowners replacing windows will notice the difference in their residence, including the energy savings reduction of approximately 10 percent. Furthermore, window replacement adds to the resale value of the home at the time of appraisal.

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