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A roof replacement is a pricey endeavor, but the expense is worth having a protective barrier between the inside and the outside of the house. Scrimping on repairs could cause major damage and cost thousands to repair both the roof and any inside water damage. It is natural to want to get the most mileage out of the existing roof without waiting too long and risking water damage. How should homeowners decide when to replace a roof?

An inspector from a Virginia Beach roofing company can assess the situation. Getting a second or third opinion is not a bad idea considering that roof replacement can run into the tens of thousands depending on the size of the roof, the type of roofing and the geographical location.

A professional can assess the extent of the damage and the advisability of repairing. A reputable roofing company will be very straightforward and forthcoming without any difficulty in estimating the cost of the repair and the length of time the repair will extend the life of the existing roof before a complete roof replacement will be needed.

Homeowners will want to ensure that they are getting the most out of their existing roof as possible. If the roof is more than 20 years old, replacement may be the best option. If the repairs needed are extensive and complete replacement is in the near future, it wastes money to use stopgap measures that will not extend the life of the roof.

Having a yearly roof inspection is a good way to track the roof's problems while they are in the early stage, preventing surprises later on.

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This also allows the roofer to repair small problems right away, keeping them from getting worse. One early sign of water leakage inside is water seepage on the ceiling. Outside will show rippled or curling shingles and stones from the shingles in the gutter. Any signs indicating a problem will necessitate a call to a professional roofer right away. A contractor may be able to fix the problem immediately, and homeowners can repair any inside damage that has occurred. Many companies offer a free inspection.

Sometimes, all that is needed from a professional is to repair damaged shingles, fix flashing and repair any sealing problems around vents. In some cases, homeowner's insurance may pay for repairs, especially if the damage occurred during a storm.

The homeowner should weigh the cost of replacement versus repair. Naturally, repair is the least expensive option, but frequent repairs will wind up costing quite a bit over time, and a full replacement will have to be done eventually. A new roof may qualify homeowners for a discount on their homeowner's insurance.

When it comes to the roof, homeowners can't afford to gamble. Water damage can require an extensive amount of work to repair ceilings, walls and floors. Homeowners should speak with a reputable roofing company, get recommendations and do a little research to verify what the best choice is.

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