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A leaking roof is not a minor problem that can be solved by grabbing a bucket to catch the water, especially during the winter. Interior water damage seen from within the house during a storm is only a small part of the overall destruction that can result. Dampness causes serious damage to important roof and home structures if allowed to continue. The roof's shingles, deck, insulation, rafters, attic ceiling, interior walls and other areas of the home are in danger of mold, rot and disintegration if homeowners don't repair the leak right away.

A professional Virginia Beach roofing contractor has experience in walking on wet roofs. Professionals can give homeowners a fair and accurate assessment of the leak as soon as it is discovered. When it comes to roof inspections by experts, there is no guesswork involved like there would be if inexperienced homeowners tried to pinpoint the roof damage themselves. An experienced roofer knows exactly how to follow the water trail from the point where the rainwater is entering the home to the real problem.

Most homeowners don't know that an issue causing leaks inside the house can be several feet away from where the roof appears to be leaking. If rain gets past a piece of uplifted flashing, for example, it can travel sideways for some distance below the flashing and shingles before it finds another way into the house.

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All shingles, wooden structures, insulation, roofing paper and other materials that get damp in the process provide excellent conditions for mold, rot and other damage.

Waiting for better weather before setting up a roofing evaluation isn't practical. What starts out as a small leak can grow into major issues if homeowners wait. Every day that goes by adds additional moisture to the path the water has traveled. The wetter an area is, the more likely it is to rot and mold. If larger problems like worn shingles, missing granules or leaking skylights are causing or contributing to the problem, a qualified roofing company will be able to fix the issues during a variety of weather conditions that would be problematic for homeowners.

It is not safe for homeowners to attempt roofing repairs themselves. There are specific methods that have to be used to repair a roof during the winter months. Most homeowners are not trained in such methods. Additionally, knowing when it is time to replace the roof always takes a professional evaluation.

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