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A new roof is an expensive undertaking, but skimping could be disastrous down the road. There are many reasons a new roof may be needed, such as old age. Sometimes, roofs don't fail; they just wear out. How can a homeowner tell if a new roof is needed? One way is to leave the decision in the capable hands of a professional Virginia Beach roofing company. If a homeowner has a relationship with a roofer through a yearly inspection process, this is a good way to keep tabs on a roof's condition. The roofer will normally fix anything that needs to be repaired during the inspection. After a certain amount of time, a roof will begin to age faster. As the structural integrity weakens, it is more prone to more large scale failures, making it subject to the collapse of an entire section versus a small leak or other minor problem.

Once winter is over and spring has arrived, it's the best time for checking the roof to see what damage winter may have done. Generally, spring is the best time of the year to schedule a roof inspection because snow and ice can damage the roof. Homeowners should inspect the inside of the roof from the attic. Sagging spots, signs of water penetration and places where light is coming in are signs that it might be time for a replacement.

Outside the house, homeowners should check for curled, cracked, blistered or missing shingles, stains and flashing damage.

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A visual inspection of the roof can be done from outside without a ladder. Binoculars can be used to visually look for damage to shingles such as pieces missing some or most of the aggregate. Another place to look is at flashing where it goes around vents and chimneys for spots where it is damaged or missing. Gutters may show a buildup of gritty looking material. This comes from shingle wear. Homeowners should visually look inside and out for any moisture or mold signifying water leakage.

When it is decided that the roof needs replacing, homeowners are not restricted to the current material for the new roof. Homeowners can discuss with a roofing professional and research what types of roofing are best for the geographical area. Homeowners may decide on a more aesthetically pleasing roof. In the end, it may be too impractical or too expensive, but homeowners can at least look while the option is open.

Some roofing materials are more fire resistant, like slate and tile. Some are more suited to areas with heavy snows such as metal because metal allows the snow to slide off easier. Another consideration before deciding on roofing material is the structural integrity of the house. Some houses are not framed to withstand a heavier roofing material like tile.

Another issue to consider is the age of the roof. Most asphalt roofs last a maximum of 20 years. If the roof is at least this old, it has reached full value, so it is better for the homeowner not to wait too long to replace. The money saved in prolonging the inevitable can be a disaster.

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