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Although it might be mostly out of sight, the roof shouldn't be out of mind. First time homeowners look at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the living room and family room, the kitchen size and amenities, etc. The less eye catching features such as the foundation, attic and crawl space may not be high on the priority list, but these have to be taken into consideration. Another big consideration is literally hanging over a prospective buyer's head. Although the roof is not as pretty as the stone fireplace, it is definitely worth paying attention to.

Virginia Beach roofing contractors can help homeowners in a pinch, but buyers need to be proactive about checking the condition of the roof and knowing its history. How old is the roof? What kind of shape is it in now? A home inspection is the place to start investigating. The inspector will provide both buyers and sellers with a copy of this report. It should be used by buyers as a guide, especially when it comes to the roof, the essential barrier between a homeowner's material possessions and the elements.

The best protection is to have a professional roofer come and look at the roof. This should be done before bidding or, at the least, very soon after. The inspector's report will give prospective buyers the feel for the condition of the roof. Buyers can certainly purchase the home on based on that report, but taking the extra step of having a professional roofer take a look can be the difference between a roof replacement and simple, preventative repairs.

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Homeowners should carefully read their insurance policy to know what is and isn't covered when it comes to the roof. Paying close attention to deductibles and coverage can help homeowners plan ahead for repairs or replacement when needed. Buyers can inquire directly to the real estate agent or the previous homeowner to see if there might be a warranty on the roof. Some warranties are transferable to cover costs related to the roof.

Roof replacement, if new owners must shoulder the load, can be very expensive. All homeowners should consider arranging with a reputable roofing contractor to do an annual inspection to check for loose or missing shingles and any other problems. Repairs made before there is any serious damage can save a lot of money in the long run.

Although homeowners may be tempted to climb up and have a look, this can be very dangerous. Broken or loose shingles can cause slipping and falling. Buyers can make a general assessment from the ground by using binoculars to look for missing and loose shingles. The attic is another place for potential buyers to check for roof issues. Provided there is access, checking the underside of the roof for any leakage and looking for water damage in the attic itself will help determine if there are any issues.

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