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Both visual appeal and protection are the primary functions of a roof. Architectural design changes as time goes by, and with that, roof appearances must also change. Metal roofing is a rapidly growing segment of the market because of its beautiful appearance and function. Speaking with a Virginia Beach roofing professional about all the benefits of metal roofing is an important first step in determining if it is the best option.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the boom experienced in metal roofing has been substantial. While initially more expensive to install than asphalt shingles, it is still a more economical material available in multiple styles and colors. Even with a higher price tag initially, the length of life in a metal roof is much longer than asphalt or architectural shingles. In fact, a metal roof will likely outlive a wood roof.

One substantial advantage to metal roofing is its energy efficiency. While other materials will trap the heat produced by sunlight, metal roofing reflects the sun's rays. This keeps the attic at a lower temperature, and therefore, it requires less work from the air conditioning unit. This equates to an immediate monthly savings on the electricity bill. Metal roofing is also environmentally responsible.

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Beyond less impact upon the power grid, metal roofing is fully recyclable, keeping the materials out of landfills. Most metal roofing materials today are manufactured from at least a percentage of recycled metals.

Maintaining a metal roof is absolutely easier than most other roofing materials. Considered a user-friendly design, metal roofs simply do not require very much thought after the initial installation. It is very durable and designed to withstand most weather issues including hail and wind. While wood shingles require frequent maintenance to keep the roof looking and performing well, metal materials do not have this issue. Homeowners who are unaware of the innovations in metal roofing may think that it would be noisy in the rain. The truth is that because of the decking and methods of installation, metal roofs are as quiet as any other type of roof.

With a gain in popularity that is growing faster than other segments of the roofing market, metal shingles are a new and innovative product. They are fashionable and highly durable compared to asphalt shingles. No matter what type of property, a metal roofing option exists. Speaking with a roofing professional about these options is definitely an important first step.

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