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As with other aspects of a home, roofs should be regularly inspected to ensure early detection of problems. Detecting roof damage early not only saves time and money, but it also prevents those problems from spreading to other areas of the home. Problems with the roofing system of a home can affect interior spaces, such as walls and ceilings, and extend all the way to the foundation. Studies show that lack of roof maintenance can diminish the serviceable life of a roof by 50 percent. Early detection of roof problems can extend the longevity of the home.

Most contractors provide warranties as do the manufacturers of roofing materials. However, warranties do not negate the need for maintenance. Most manufacturers state that the warranty is void if the roof is not properly maintained. Roof maintenance is a must. Virginia Beach roofing professionals can provide reliable, quality roof inspections and maintenance for commercial and residential structures.

It is necessary to inspect a roof twice a year: once before seasonal extremes and once after. The before inspection will ensure the roof is ready for rough climate conditions. The after inspection will ensure that any damage is detected and repaired.

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A roof inspection should be completed by roofing professionals to ensure that all factors are covered. This will also provide documentation of the roof inspection to satisfy warranty requirements.

Any roof inspection should begin with a visual assessment. The visual assessment should detect any leaks or signs of moisture damage. The inspector should also look for missing or damaged roofing material and flashing. Any equipment mounted on the roof or under should be checked for leaking areas and signs of moisture accumulation. Windows, walls, pipes and sealants should be checked as these can often be disguised as roof leaks. Any detected damage should be repaired as soon as possible and documented to satisfy warranty requirements.

It is necessary to inspect and maintain roofing systems. They can be expensive, so proper steps should be taken to ensure that they meet their life expectancy. Roofing systems are a major part of all structures, and their failure can compromise other components. Failures can lead to moisture accumulation and then mold and mildew, causing health problems for occupants. Failures can lead to expensive, time consuming repairs in other areas. A comprehensive roof inspection and maintenance plan can go a long way towards saving money. A roof is a major investment and so should be protected accordingly. It is basic home ownership responsibility.

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