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Beach areas regularly experience hurricanes, which can wallop roofs at speeds as high as 160 miles per hour. Homeowners in these areas should act proactively to make sure their roofs are as ready as they can be for a hurricane or tornado. Residents can also consult a Virginia Beach roofing company for hurricane preparedness information.

A roof inspection is the first preventative measure. If homeowners inspect a roof themselves, using binoculars or staying on the ladder while inspecting are good ideas to stay safe. Hiring a professional is always safer, and many companies conduct free inspections. In addition, a roofer can safely install hurricane clips that connect the inside walls of a home to the roof for extra support to avoid high winds tearing off a roof. The clips are relatively inexpensive, but they can be hard to retrofit.

Homeowners should start an inspection in the attic if they can get inside it. They should check for light penetrating the building from outside; they do not want breaches that allow wind and water inside.

For the roof itself, homeowners should keep an eye out for shingles or tiles that are loose, curled or missing. They need to pay the most attention to the roof edges and check the nails keeping the shingles intact. The nails should be about 4 inches apart and securely in place.

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At the points where the roof connects to rafters, it is relatively easy to hammer in missing nails or replace those nails erroneously installed.

For gable roofs, wooden braces connect the rafters to the roof and help with support. Homeowners should shut the vents to keep pressure inside the home more balanced when a hurricane is rushing toward the area.

Other preventative measures include using a caulking gun to put roofing cement on the edges of shingles. Homeowners can also apply construction adhesive along the sides of trusses or rafters where they connect to the roof deck.

If a roof has to be replaced, homeowners should consider going with metal. Metal roofs, made of aluminum in beach areas, are more expensive upfront but are stronger than asphalt shingle roofs. Metal roofs also last as much as 30 more years for a total lifespan of 50 years or more. They are strong and sturdy, withstanding hurricane force winds better than their asphalt shingle counterparts. They also deal better with weather elements such as ice.

In any case, homeowners who reroof should ensure strong connections between the walls and roof. They should increase protection by adding a barrier that is wind resistant and water resistant.

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