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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Hurricane Damage On A Roof

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As one of the top five most vulnerable cities to hurricanes, Virginia Beach homeowners need to remain vigilant regarding the upkeep of their roofs. Virginia Beach roofing companies are experts in repairing the damage from hurricanes and other severe weather. Damage to roofs during storms can result from several causes. This type of damage is one of the most common structural issues caused by hurricanes every year. Newer roofs may be designed to withstand stronger winds and heavy rain, but older roofs may not fare so well during severe storms. Since this is the case, it is important to perform regular roof maintenance on all types of roofing.

Loose shingles and damaged roofing parts are commonly found after hurricanes and severe storms because of the constant winds that put roofs under pressure. Hurricane winds can exceed 150 miles per hour, and while new roofs may be built to withstand this kind of pressure, older roofs are not. Inspecting the roof before hurricane season and ensuring that it is both safe and secure can prevent serious damage should a storm make landfall in the area.

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A seasonal check around chimneys or areas that require sealant to make sure it is secure will help to prevent flooding or leaking during severe weather.

Another form of serious damage that may be caused by hurricanes is the loss of the entire roof. It is possible for the intense winds from hurricanes to catch a house at the right angle and with the right pressure, which can lift a roof off a house. If a roof is blown away, this can cause serious damage to the rest of the home because the joining that secures the walls may have also been blown away with the roof. If this happens, the entire house could collapse. In many areas that are prone to hurricanes, roofers can install metal bars that are hurricane proof into the roof. These bars can prevent a dangerous storm from destroying the roof of a home.

A roof may also receive damage from dangerous projectiles picked up by the wind in the storm. It is difficult to prevent damage in this scenario, but by ensuring that the roof is structurally sound and secure, homeowners may be able to minimize the damage. When it comes down to it, a new, strong roof will be able to hold up in these situations much better than one that is decades old.

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