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Homeowner's insurance is a necessity when purchasing or building a house. This type of policy is one of the best investments a person can make. If a storm comes through and damages the roof or any other piece of the property the insurance will pay for the repairs. One or two instances of damage which requires professional repair can quickly exceed the insurance premiums paid for the insurance. Virginia Beach roofing professionals and other reputable contractors can even help homeowners file a claim once the damage is assessed.

Many people do not realize the number of things homeowner's insurance covers. First among those is personal liability. Most homeowner's insurance policies cover court cost and damages for any incident at or away from the home which results in a lawsuit. This applies to all members of the household as well as pets. The exception to this coverage is auto accidents. They are covered by a separate car insurance policy.

Even if someone is injured and decides not to take the matter to court, homeowner policies cover their medical expenses for up to a year generally speaking. This applies to anyone who is not a regular member of the family or household residing in the house. Medical coverage takes care of all reasonable expenses arising from injury sustained on the property no matter whose fault it is.

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One thing many people over look is the additional living expenses covered in their homeowner's policy. If damage to a house is severe and the repair makes the home unlivable, insurance will often cover the cost of lodging while the repairs are completed. This payment is only distributed if other expenses are actually incurred. Moving in with a friend or relative and claiming this is a form of insurance fraud.

Many people work from home nowadays and home businesses are more common than ever. Most homeowner's policies do cover some business equipment. This is usually in the 1,000 to 3,000 dollar range. If the business in question is a full time affair, the value of equipment and records contained in even a small home office can quickly exceed this coverage. In this case, homeowners should purchase additional coverage to compensate them in the event of a total loss.

No matter where a house is located or how old or new it is, homeowners insurance should be one of the first things buyers purchase after closing on the property. This valuable policy can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single use.

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