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On many ranch homes from the 1950s and 1960s, replacing gutters required only a trip to the nearest home center to buy the appropriate number of sections, usually 10 feet long, the preferred style of gutter hangers, downspouts and a few other accessories. The choice was simple because the 4 inch K style gutter, in either white or brown, represented the only option. Installation seldom required anything more elaborate than a stepladder, since most of these homes had gutters only about 10 feet above the ground.

Virginia Beach roofing companies, accustomed to the inadequate water carrying capability of these gutters, the corrosion problems they presented and the frequent foundation damaging leaks where the sections joined, offer better alternatives for any style of home. They use precise formulas based on roof area and average rainfall to determine if a wider gutter would be appropriate. Almost all companies installing gutters now offer seamless construction to eliminate the potential of leaks where sections meet because they can make gutter sections that span the entire length of the structure. Options include materials other than aluminum and shapes other than the K style.

In some instances, K style gutters are candidates for replacement by half round gutters. They resemble a pipe cut in half.

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Half round gutters saw widespread usage in Europe on historical homes but seldom on newer American homes. With the advantages they offer, more people are considering their installation.

K style gutters experienced corrosion due to their flat bottoms. The smoother shape of half round gutters enables water to flow more freely and makes them less prone to corrosion. They require less frequent cleaning because waterborne debris flows through the gutter more easily. This has a benefit in cold climates as well. It reduces the buildup of ice dams and its associated problems.

Aluminum is not the only available material, although it is a valid choice. Copper is often used as well as steel coated with zinc. Different colors with baked on finishes do not require painting, and roofing professionals custom build different widths that match the specific conditions of an area and the home.

Aside from potentially not matching a home's style, about the only potential drawbacks to half round gutters include slightly higher cost to acquire and install. The chosen material, especially copper, can increase cost as well. Similar to K styles, however, half round gutters can be equipped with gutter guards that eliminate the chore of cleaning.

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