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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Gable Roof Vs Hip Poof

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There are 15 or so popular types of roof, most of which can be classified into one of two categories: gable or hip. The difference between the two is the presence or absence of gables, opposing triangular-shaped walls. A hip roof has no gables. Ironically, a gablet or Dutch gable roof is a variant of the hip roof. But which type is better for Virginia Beach roofing?

At first glance, hip roofs appear to have more disadvantages than gabled roofs. First, they are harder to construct, mainly because they require a complex system of trusses or rafters. On the other hand, the walls are easier to put up because they are all the same level and there are no pointy parts.

There are other drawbacks to a hipped roof. They offer less attic space than gabled roofs. Access for maintenance is more difficult with a hip roof and, in the absence of a gable, there is no wall to put a window and therefore no inlet for natural light. On the other hand, because hip roofs generally have a lower slope and no sharp corners, they tend to be more stable in extreme winds than other roof designs.

A gabled roof is everything a hipped roof isn't. It allows more attic space. A gable, by definition, is a wall. It supports windows and offers a source of natural light.

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A gabled roof offers easier access for maintenance. The hip roof's upside is the gabled roof's downside - its performance in a stiff wind, such as those generated in a hurricane. Under these conditions, a gable-ended roof will more easily be damaged.

Wind flowing over a gabled roof will do the same thing it does on an aircraft wing: generate lift on the lee side. Now, a steep roof will cause the wind to stall. For a low-pitched roof, adding a vertical fin can ameliorate this effect.

The differences between these two roof types are important for residents in Virginia Beach who may be building a new roof or retrofitting an existing one. Why? According to Climate Central, an independent organization of climate scientists and journalists, Virginia Beach is the fourth most vulnerable city to hurricanes in the entire United States.

This does not mean that local homeowners are condemned forever to hip roofs. Hurricanes on the scale of Floyd and Isabel do not occur on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to install a gabled roof may safely do so. It is a good idea, however, to note the risks and consult a reputable roofing contractor about ways of making sure their gabled roof is up to the job.

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