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Among the several materials that homeowners can choose to protect the exterior of their home, fiber cement is one of the most durable. Although they can ask Virginia Beach roofing contractors about whether fiber cement is a viable solution for their home, they could learn about the advantages and disadvantages of making the decision on their own.

The first thing homeowners need to know is that fiber cement siding is mostly made of cement and similar materials such as fly ash and sand. However, cellulose fibers such as those from wood are also included in the mix. The ratio of cement materials to cellulose fibers varies among manufacturers.

The biggest benefits of fiber cement siding are its durability and longevity. This material is impact resistant, virtually unaffected by moisture and can last for longer than 50 years with the appropriate installation and maintenance. Fiber cement doesn't shift with changes in temperature or rattle in strong winds like vinyl. Its longevity also means that manufacturers generally warrant the material against defects for as long as 50 years.

Fiber cement siding is fireproof and has a Class 1(A) rating for spreading, which is the highest level of protection against fires. It is also water and rot resistant, especially when the north facing side of a house is in the shade.

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Homeowners don't have to worry about termites and other pesky insects either because this material is unaffected by them.

Furthermore, fiber cement siding delivers good curbside appeal. It can be made to look like wood siding, and there are many primer and paint options. Fiber cement that is primed and painted by the manufacturer is more likely to maintain its paint than if the paint is applied after installing the siding. This lowers maintenance costs in the long run because the homeowners don't have to paint their house as often.

Although ordering primed and painted fiber cement siding is advantageous in the long run, it's more expensive initially. There is the option to order primed only siding, which could be as much as half the price as primed and painted, but the cost of conventional painting still needs to be added into the budget. Fiber cement is already more expensive overall than vinyl, and there are some installation challenges that the contractors have to deal with. For example, the material is typically awkward to handle and it can pose a health threat because of the dust that is produced when the material is cut to size.

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