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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Distinct Shingle Flaws

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Virginia Beach roofing professionals commonly get service calls relating to shingle care. Ideally, roofers should visit a property twice a year for a thorough inspection. Although contractors are always looking for common signs of damage, such as missing pieces and cracks, shingles can also display other flaws. Experienced contractors know the subtle signs of shingle damage and can stop any possible leaks before they occur.

Shingle damage typically includes small dents across the entire surface. Although this damage may appear to be defect related, it's usually caused by hail damage. Hail or icy crystals fall from the sky at high velocities. If they're large enough, hail will dent the shingles. This phenomenon is especially true if the shingles are older with reduced flexibility. Contractors evaluate the shingles to see if the dents are accompanied by cracks and replace the materials as necessary.

In contrast, shingles can display a bubbled appearance. Also known as blistering, this expansion damage occurs with moisture evaporation in or underneath the shingle. Contractors must verify the original damage cause to ensure an accurate repair. In most cases, shingles are replaced with thorough evaluation of the materials. No moisture can be near the materials during installation or blistering may occur again.

Alligatoring is a unique phenomenon that isn't necessarily detrimental to the entire rooftop surface.

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Similar to an alligator's hide, shingles display intricate cracks along their surfaces. These cracks occur from aging and other weathering factors. Alligatoring marks may not extend straight through the shingle, making it crucial to hire experienced contractors to verify damage severity. Cracks that do divide the shingles require replacement. Moisture can easily seep through those cracks and onto the underlayment below.

Homeowners may look at their rooftop and see a wavy surface appearance. Although this damage appears exclusive to shingles, it actually has a deeper problem. Underlayment rolls that weren't flattened out during installation will develop wrinkles. Those wrinkles eventually telegraph up through the shingle layers to reflect that same shape. Contractors must remove shingles and reinstall the underlayment to resolve the telegraphing appearance.

Almost all shingle damage can be avoided with frequent preventive maintenance. Homeowners should create a personalized schedule with trusted contractors, which can be referred to as a service contract. This agreement lists all services and common charges associated with the terms. According to the terms of the service contract, homeowners will meet contractors once or twice a year for any repairs across the field of the roof before damages can take hold.

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