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Throughout the year, many homeowners enjoy putting up decorations to commemorate special events or holidays. From graduation or congratulations banners to a statue of Santa Claus and his reindeer, the addition of rooftop decorations can set the mood and boost the spirit of the event. However, if improperly installed, these items can also cause damage to the house. With professional help from a local Virginia Beach roofing service, property owners can safely and correctly install their favorite holiday decorative items.

Rooftop decorations should only be installed on a clean and dry roof. The presence of snow or ice is dangerous to anyone who might try climbing or walking on the roof's surface. This project should be done on a calm and mild day for the safety of the homeowner. If the decoration requires electricity for lights or inflation, only UL approved cords for outdoor use should be plugged into the item and the exterior outlet.

Before hauling a decoration up to the home's roof, the owner must check its base to see if it has some holes or hooks that will make it easier to secure.

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If there are not holes, it is best to mount the decoration to a circular piece of wood using guy wires and then placing eye bolts through the wood and into the roof. If the item is more than 4 feet tall, its top will need to be secured with a wire going through the wooden board as well. The wires through the item's top portion will also feed into the eye bolts. Two wires will be needed, one going to the item's left side and the other to the right. This is to help prevent winds from toppling the decoration down the roof.

If the decoration does have its own holes for mounting, then these can be used and no bottom wires will be needed, although upper wires may still be helpful for tall items. Decorations that are too heavy to lift up to the roof can be lofted upward by using a rope and pulley system with a helper on the ground.

Once the eye bolts have been affixed to the roof, they should not be removed. Doing so would leave a large hole in the rooftop that could allow water to penetrate into the wooden decking, rafters and joists. To take the item down once the holiday or event has passed, the homeowner can simply unwrap or snip the wires connecting the decoration to the eye bolts.

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