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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Dangers Of A Leaking Roof

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Whenever there are water stains that run down the walls or extend across the ceiling, the probable cause is a leaking roof. Fixing the leak will be easier once the homeowner seeks the services of Virginia Beach roofing professionals, as they will manage even the hard part of tracking the leak. A roof leak carries potential risks for the property and the occupants of the house and needs to be rectified at the earliest onset to avoid significant damage.

Fixing a roof leak requires immediate action as even minor leaks can lead to major damages. One such concern is frame rotting. It is an apparent concern that needs addressing before it turns catastrophic. Damaged rafters will probably give way to the pressing roof weight, which can lead to serious safety concerns and damage to household items. Prolonged roof leaks can lead to wood deterioration that would be expensive to repair. Identifying and rectifying roof leaks will save the homeowner so much for so little.

Mold growth is a major concern for most homeowners. Mold spreads with ease and can quickly affect crucial systems such as the HVAC and even expensive furniture.

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Water intrusion mostly leads to growth of black mold that attacks ceiling tiles, the wall, floor coverings and wood framing.

The presence of electrical wiring in the attic is a potential fire hazard once the roof starts leaking. Water will probably lead to short circuiting and can pose a serious safety concern including the risk of electric shock or fire outbreak.

Damage to the attic and ceiling is a matter of when and not if in the event of a leaking roof. Items stored in the attic will also be destroyed by the water as it seeps through to the ceiling. Furthermore, the intruding water will lead to dark spots on the ceiling, causing a bubbling effect. Ceiling mounted fans and lights could also get damaged.

A family with children will experience slip and fall dangers. Water from a leaking roof might find its way to the floor and children who like to run in the house will probably slip and fall. Homeowners are advised to continually dry the floor before a professional can assess and repair roof leaks. It is also worth noting that energy consumption will be higher during this period of time. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation may become saturated and take more time to dry out. As a result, the home will lose cool air and heat, thereby resulting in high utility bills.

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