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Virginia Beach roofing professionals have noticed that when upscale homes are remodeled, emphasis is put on installing a quality roofing system. Discerning homeowners who are looking for a roof that has been proven to have superior aesthetics, energy efficiency, durability, and longevity have been drawn to copper roofing materials.

Copper roofing is used in the most celebrated buildings in the United States and Europe. Many of these famous buildings have gone through multiple renovations, yet their copper roof is still intact.

A copper roof is maintenance free. Unlike steel, copper does not rust or corrode. Copper does not require extra coatings and will never need to be repainted.

Copper is unaffected by the weather. It can stand up to high winds, ice storms, heat, snow, and rain. It has a longevity that is second to none and can stay intact for centuries. It is fire resistant and can stop fires from spreading.

Copper is lightweight. When a homeowner constructs a new home and installs a copper roof, they have more flexibility when it comes to designs that are available to them. Additionally, a copper roof needs less supports, and this decreases the cost of installation.

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Copper roofs increase the resale value of a home, providing a competitive selling edge over similar properties that have lower quality roofing materials. People thinking about buying a home do not want to worry about investing money in a roof replacement. They appreciate the safety, security, and longevity that a copper roof provides.

Copper roofs are good for the environment. The same amount of copper that is newly mined every year is also recycled every year. No other material can boast this statistic. Copper roofs that are installed on modern homes are made of more than 75 percent recycled material.

Copper roofs are expensive and often cost 3 to 4 times more than an asphalt roof. Many homeowners who cannot afford to put a copper over their entire roof use copper over bay windows, towers, porches, and other parts of the roof that have a low slope. Some homeowners opt to incorporate copper valleys or flashing material on a wood or asphalt roof as a way to improve weather protection as well as enhance the roof's ascetics.

When installing a copper roof, it is necessary to hire a contractor who does a good job. Even a high quality roofing material like copper will fail if it is poorly installed. However, when a copper roof is installed correctly, it will likely outlive the home it is installed on.

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