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Taking good care of the roof is important. Having regular roofing inspections, fixing small problems in a timely manner and taking preventative measures seriously helps to avoid structural damage and other hazardous conditions that can affect a family's health. Leaking joints and seams, damaged flashing, and cracked or broken shingles allow water to seep past the roof and get into the deck, insulation and attic.

When caught early by a Virginia Beach roofing expert, flashing and other cracks can be caulked or patched, single shingles can be replaced, and chimney collars may be fixed, but if the problems are neglected long enough, the damage can get quite extensive. Wet insulation, for example, provides the perfect breeding ground for mold. When water pools in valleys on the roof, it can cause the shingles to disintegrate or lose their asphalt granules. Wet wood in the roof's deck or rafters can begin to rot if the moisture is continuous.

A high quality roof is designed to resist weather damage. Over time, however, winter storms, wind and hail can cause the roofing materials to begin to break down.

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Adhesive on the outside of asphalt shingles is designed to hold protective granules in place, but if it loses its stickiness, the granules will begin to fall off, and the shingles will become more susceptible to the elements. A roof's shape and the materials the roof is made of might be designed to help it shed water and snow, but the wind can sometimes get underneath the shingles and pry them up. Even nails can work themselves loose as a roof ages.

Another place where water damage is common is the fascia board and soffit. The fascia board sits directly behind the gutters and runs along the roof line. If the edge of the roof is damaged by the weather, water won't drain into the gutters like it was designed to do. Instead, the fascia board will become water soaked, soften and begin to rot. Once the damage becomes extensive enough for animals to pass through, they will use the roof structures for nesting purposes. That will create even more problems and additional damage that will need to be fixed.

Often, the gutters are responsible for the initial fascia board damage, so it's a good idea to hire a professional roofer to inspect the roof and gutters once or twice a year. Keeping the gutters clean and working properly will help to avoid more expensive repairs later on.

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