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There's a lot riding on a home's roof. Aside from expecting a roof to fulfill its all-important purpose of protecting a home from the elements, most homeowners want their roofs to complement the home's style, last for decades and offer some energy-efficiency. Also, a roof is one of the largest home purchases a consumer will make, so it's important that homeowners find the right roof for their home. There are thousands of roof options, and trusted Virginia Beach roofing contractors can walk homeowners through a few important considerations.

First, homeowners should think about what roofing materials best fit their homes and their budgets. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roof choice because they are durable, reasonably priced and relatively easy to install. They are available in dozens of styles and colors, and they are also available with algae-resistant coatings for homes in humid climates.

Tile roofs are significantly more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they work well on homes with Mission, Spanish and Mediterranean architectural styles. They tend to last about twice as long as asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs are increasingly popular and now come in faux-shingle styles that look nice with many different home designs. Lightweight and fire-resistant, metal roofs are usually slightly more expensive than asphalt shingles but last 40 to 50 years.

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Next, homeowners should consider energy efficiency. In hot, sunny climates, roofs that help block the heat are important. Their special coatings and light colors keep roofs from absorbing the sun's heat and transferring it to home interiors. Consumers can find out about a particular roof's Solar Reflectance Index and energy efficiency by taking a look at its Cool Roof Rating Council label. In addition to saving on cooling costs, homeowners who choose cool roofs may also be eligible for energy-saving rebates.

Installing a roof that is fire resistant is also important to many consumers. The conventional wisdom used to be that tile and metal roofs offered the best fire safety, but today's asphalt shingle roofs can be remarkably fire-resistant. Roofs are rated for their ability to resist the spread of fire. Class A roofs are best, limiting fire spreading beyond six feet; Classes B and C provide progressively less fire resistance. The roofing material's fire rating is listed on its label.

From fire resistance to appealing design, consumers have many excellent roofing choices. Finding just the right roof simply takes a bit of research, thought and consultation with an experienced local roofer.

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