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Virginia Beach Roofing: Article About Advantages Of Cedar Shingles

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Homeowners who are interested in a long lasting and efficient roofing system for their residential property will benefit from the installation of cedar shingles. Virginia Beach roofing specialists recommend cedar shingles because, like most other wood shingle varieties, they can provide customers with a unique array of advantages. However, before finalizing the installation's details, homeowners should think about the material's benefits to make sure that it is the right option for them. No single type of wood is inherently stronger than any other, and knowing what to expect will lead to a much more informed decision for the life of the roofing system.

One of the best benefits that homeowners can enjoy is the system's affordability. The Western Red Cedar is a very sustainable species of tree, one that can be found all over the country and cut as appropriate for different industry uses. Because its supply is so plentiful, there is typically no excessive demand that would drive prices up.

The color options that these shingles provide are also versatile and attractive. They can be applied to many different exteriors because they feature all types of rich colors, ranging from bright amber to earthy brown. The different color combinations make this material an excellent decorative addition to rustic environments.

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Red cedar is also an exceptionally durable and dense option for a roofing system. It is able to withstand all types of physical and weather related damage. Because these trees are so dense, they are excellent options for all regions no matter the local atmosphere. Homeowners will never have to worry about this material warping or cupping.

In addition to its strength, the material also secretes natural oils that are toxic to fungi. If fungi, moss and other growths are allowed to flourish on top of tiles, they may retain water, weighing down on the roofing system and contributing to the overall decay of the tile's surface. With natural oils present, however, homeowners will not have to worry about this problem. Many of these natural oils can also help preserve the shingles, minimizing the need for maintenance.

Finally, shingles made from this material are very easy to cut and work. This means that the professionals will have an easier time installing them, which can help lower installation costs. These shingles are so lightweight that they can be set with any roofing system no matter what the support structure beneath the deck is like.

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