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Rain gutters are critical pieces to a roofing system because they control water flow to the ground. When roofers inspect shingles, flashing and other roof items, they also evaluate the gutters' health. Understanding gutter systems tells residents when professionals are necessary to fix or alter sections for the best water flow.

Roofers observe the gutters from the ground and on ladders. They must verify all connections to the structure itself. Any spike and ferrule detachment from the roof eave, for instance, causes gutter lengths to bend or bow. When rains appear, puddling occurs at these bends. The water weight alone can bend the area even more than before. Contractors reattach these gutter lengths to remove the bent appearance. If the eave or fascia board isn't strong enough to support the gutter, contractors may suggest new lumber to keep the roof and gutter system properly intact.

Clogs are always detrimental to gutter systems. Contractors carefully inspect all gutters and downspouts to find any debris. Leaves, twigs and other items quickly combine into a thick clog preventing water from flowing off the roof. Professionals may suggest gutter covers as a protective alternative. A mesh configuration attaches to the gutters' open mouth, preventing anything from entering the system that isn't water. Moisture flows easily between the mesh, but leaves and twigs just fall to the ground as they encounter the barrier.

Downspouts are vertical gutters completely closed around all sides. Water empties from their ends near the ground, flowing to local sewers. Because downspouts are near the ground, they can be accidentally crushed. Professionals will visually verify their open structure at each appointment. They may even run some water into the gutters to see the system in action. Any crushed downspouts impede water flow, so they'll be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Generally, hiring a roofer at least twice a year is preferable to keep the gutters clear of any issues. Even a small malfunction creates a torrent of water during heavy rains. With gutters under professional review before and after rainy seasons, residents will have a sound roofing system for years of structural protection.

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