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Homeowners deciding to replace siding that requires painting every seven to 10 years enjoy many options. High quality vinyl uses color pigments mixed into the siding during manufacture. This means never needing to repaint again. Even deep scratches reveal the same exact color because the color goes all the way through the pieces from the surface to the back. Quality manufacturers offer as many as 30 colors, enough to satisfy the most particular homeowner, along with finicky homeowners' associations.

Newport News roofers with the expertise to install vinyl and polymer siding work with traditional and popular lap style vinyl, along with shake and shingle styles that closely mimic the look of wood with none of the problems. Vinyl offers cost savings for materials and labor compared to wood. Vinyl prices remain relatively stable whereas wood siding continues to increase to the degree that vinyl costs only about half as much as wood.

Without the priming and painting required by wood, installation costs less and takes less time, offering labor savings. Additional labor savings arise when the necessity of first removing and disposing of old siding is not necessary.

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A typical project using vinyl or polymer costs several thousand dollars less than an equivalent sized project using wood lap siding or cedar shingles.

Vinyl siding can increase a home's thermal efficiency by 20 percent by permitting the installation of an extra layer of insulation. Along with energy savings comes a quieter interior from the noise dampening properties of the insulation used beneath vinyl siding.

Future maintenance requires only washing; often, a spray from a garden hose will suffice. Pressure washing at a low setting is acceptable, and most household detergents do not damage colors. In the case of some traumatic incident that did manage to damage the siding, an unlikely occurrence given vinyl's strength and flexibility, replacing one small damaged section is simple and inexpensive. Many homeowners with average handyman skills can easily handle this type of repair using material leftover from installation and saved for this very reason. If necessary, replacement pieces purchased years after the initial installation will match due to the color controls built into the manufacturing process.

Finally, vinyl siding offers a couple of important environmental benefits. Recycled material represents a significant portion of the product. For projects where the new siding is installed over the existing exterior of a house without first removing old material, less waste is generated.

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