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Upgrading a home is an important decision. The cost of renovations is a long term investment, and unnecessary repairs can only add to the overall expense. When choosing siding enhancements, a homeowner should consider that more than one third of homes today are cladded with vinyl. Moreover, plastic siding is 11 percent cheaper than cedar, and 26 percent less expensive than aluminum. However, plastic is not for everyone. A homeowner must experiment with different samples before making a final decision.

When researching vinyl siding options, owners should take into account the home's location. Weather plays an important role when choosing plastic. High winds and cold temperatures can cause damage to siding. However, vinyl manufacturers offer newer forms of plastic that can endure harsh winds and will withstand extreme conditions.

Based on the nature of the material itself, vinyl also requires professional installation. In time, weathered plastic will expand and shrink, causing the siding to warp and buckle. Thus, experts advise homeowners to retain the services of GAF Master Elite contractors or similarly experienced Newport News roofers who can ensure the proper installation of the vinyl siding.

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In the past, vinyl was not often used because it eventually yellowed and faded due to sun exposure. Today, producers of vinyl products have created numerous design options with low gloss finishes that resemble wood or faux grain patterns. Manufacturers certify the new versions are fade resistant and require no repainting.

However, homeowners should note that although vinyl comes in various colors and textures, all types of vinyl siding require some cleanup. To keep the borders at its best, homeowners will need to clean the flanks of the home with soap and water to prevent dirt buildup or mud stains.

Energy efficiency is also a consideration when researching siding. Manufacturers have created insulated vinyl, also called solid core siding, which has a higher forbearance to heat gain or loss than traditional plastic; so much so, that solid core sheets have garnered an Energy Star award. Despite this new feature, the cost of insulated vinyl is 30 percent more than regular siding. Nevertheless, the extra cost may be worth the increase when compared to the resulting energy savings.

Those concerned with the environment would note that, in the past, vinyl could not typically be recycled. However, with current innovations, plastic siding products and mainly liquid vinyl are eco friendly and fully compliant with LEED and the ICC 700 National Green Building policies.

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