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Like many other products that are costly and vital to the integrity of a home or office, roofs typically come with certain warranties that offer protection to the owner of the building. Understanding the scope of these warranties is vital to getting the most out of the investment in the roof and making sure that it holds up well over time. When homeowners hire Newport News roofers to install or repair their roof, there are two main warranties that they will likely be offered: the manufacturer warranty and the contractor warranty.

Every new roof comes with a manufacturer warranty that protects the home or business owners from defects in the actual materials used to build the roof. Although roofing manufacturers generally test their materials extensively before they go into production, occasionally some boards, tiles, shingles and other products make it through the process with defects that go undetected. These defects can cause a roof to start leaking or to break down sooner than it should under ordinary conditions. For example, a roof in which some of the materials are defective might need replacing after ten years despite its lifespan guarantee of twenty years or longer.

The manufacturer warranty on a roof covers the cost to replace the roofing materials if they prove defective. These warranties commonly cover the roofing materials from anywhere between ten and thirty years, and they replace materials only if the manufacturer is at fault.

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If roofing problems are caused by incorrect installation, the manufacturer warranty does not apply and will not cover the cost to replace materials. Generally speaking, manufacturer warranties do not cover the cost of labor to replace the defective roof. That is the purpose of the contractor warranty.

A roofing contractor warranty, which is also known as a workmanship or installation warranty, covers replacement costs in the event that the roof is defective due to errors made during installation. For example, if the contractor's failure to attach the shingles properly is determined to be the cause of a roof leak, the contractor warranty will pay to replace those shingles as well as the labor costs to install them correctly. Many contractor warranties are quite generous and cover the roof for its lifetime as long as no other contractor besides the one that installed the roof is hired to do repairs or maintenance.

Understanding these warranties will save homeowners money in the long run if defective materials or an installation error causes roof damage or degradation. Homeowners should read the fine print on these warranties and keep good records so that they will be ready to take advantage of them if necessary.

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