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The roof is one of the most important parts of the home. It helps keep the elements out and warmth in. When it is properly maintained and cared for, it can provide homeowners with many years of quality service. Newport News roofers will always recommend for homeowners to perform regular inspections around their property, but one of the best ways to prepare for future problems is to know what to expect. While some concerns are regional, there are many general problems that all individuals should stay on top of in order to keep their rooftops safe. Knowing what dangers to expect can also allow homeowners to choose better protective treatment options for their roofs.

One of the most immediate dangers that the roof can face is falling snow and ice. Because snow can become heavy as it piles on, it can turn into a serious concern relatively quickly. The more snow that accumulates on the roof's surface, the higher the chances of the roof collapsing under the snow's weight. When the snow melts, it can freeze again into ice, working its way between the roof's shingles and flashing, causing damage to the roof itself.

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Using a roof rake, homeowners can minimize the damage before the snow becomes too much for the rooftop to bear.

Standing water can be another troublesome issue. This condition is also referred to as ponding water, and it categorizes any type of water that does not evaporate after 48 hours of pooling. Newer roofs are designed with enough gradient and resistant materials to guarantee that less water is retained on the surface. However, older rooftops and flat roofing systems may not be able to get rid of water so quickly or easily. Standing water will usually lead to leaks, rust damage, rotting damage and general structural problems. The sheer weight of the water can usually be enough to cause damage to the rooftop itself.

Finally, all homeowners should be sure to look out for mold. Mold can appear on the interior and exterior of the roofing system. If the roof is left dirty for too long, it can attract the attention of mold and bacteria. Trapped moisture and poor ventilation will also contribute to the development of mold. Not only does mold cause structural problems, rotting away at wooden surfaces, but it can also cause health concerns for the home's residents. If mold is not taken care of immediately, it can spread and become airborne, resulting in a full infestation.

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