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Wood shake roofs offer a classic appearance to any home. Wood shakes are made from split logs and have a more rugged appearance than shingles. Split and resawn shakes feature a split face and a sawn back. Wood shingles, on the other hand, are cut on both sides and feature an even taper and a uniform thickness.

Shakes are often made from pine or cedar. Cedar shakes are often treated with fire retardants for increased fire resistance. Chemical treatments are also applied to decrease the effects of rot and decay in humid climates. Pine shakes are made from Southern yellow pine and receive special treatment to protect them from insects. Newport News roofers can give you more information regarding the different shake types.

The underlayment system for wood shake roofs usually consists of asphalt-saturated, non-perforated organic felts. These were once classified as Type 15 or Type 30 to designate the amount of weight the material could safely carry. These designations have now been replaced by Type I and Type II, respectively.

Wood shake roofs in locations that reach temperatures of 30 degrees Fahrenheit or lower in January will benefit from the installation of an ice dam protection membrane.

Newport News roofing contractors would be happy to answer any questions you have about gutters or windows.

This protective device is usually made from polymer-modified bitumen membrane and is installed beneath the underlayment system.

Wooden roofing materials are fastened to the roof deck with stainless steel nails or non-corroding metal staples. If nails are used, they should be able to penetrate through each layer of the roof. The roof will be stronger if the nails are able to penetrate through the underside of the roof deck.

A wood shake roof will require a certain amount of maintenance to ensure longevity. The harsh summer sun and the effects of snow and rain can take their toll on the wood shake roof. Homeowners should inspect their roofs at least once a year to catch minor repair problems before they become unpleasant projects.

Moss and lichens on a roof should be removed carefully to prevent damaging the delicate structure of the roof. Moss will hold water in the areas where it is growing and can increase the rate of wear and tear on the roofing materials. Lichen is a lesser concern than moss, since it does not hold water as well, but it can be more difficult to remove. Both moss and lichens can be removed by brushing with a soft brush. Power washing a shake roof is not recommended, as the vigorous process can break the shakes.

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