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There are many building materials available for homeowners who are looking to construct a roof for a new home or who are looking to put a new roof on their existing home. These include asphalt, slate, clay tiles and composite shingles. Selecting an attractive roofing material is important. However, as Newport News roofers are well aware, other factors like the cost of the material, the weight of the material and the installation requirements for the roof are even more important than how the roofing materials look. What are some other things to consider when selecting roofing material?

When selecting roofing material, it is important for homeowners to understand the terminology that roofers use. Unlike many of the other trades, roofers do not measure material in square feet. Instead, the basic measurement of unit that roofers use is the square. One square covers 100 feet of area. This means that for an average two story home with a 1,500 square foot roof, the homeowner will need to purchase approximately 15 squares. The price a homeowner will pay per square will vary depending on the material they purchase.

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In addition to the cost of roofing materials, homeowners must factor in the condition of their existing roof if they're looking to remodel their house. They must consider the shape of the roof if they are building new construction. A roof that is severely deteriorated may require the old material to be stripped off. If wood rot has set in, some of the supporting structures may need to be repaired and replaced. Each of these steps increases the cost of the roofing job. A gable roof that has little to no breaks from things like chimneys or vent pipes is a very simple job and is relatively inexpensive. Of course, the primary expense for the roof will be the roofing material itself.

Roofing materials are not one size fits all. Materials used on a flat roof or a roof that has little to no slope will be drastically different from those used on roofs with a steep pitch. Sleet and tile weigh a lot, and some structures are not adequately built to carry the weight.

Homeowners who are looking to improve their home's roof will likely simply update the existing material on the roof. However, those who are considering other options will want to make sure that they focus not only on aesthetics, such as color and texture, but also look at things like the weight, durability and sustainability of the material.

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