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From looking in to the attic for leaks to inspecting rain gutters, there are a few different ways to know if it's time to invest in a new roof. While an asphalt roof is definitely less expensive, it will need to be replaced faster than any other type of roof. This type of roof will require maintenance, repair and replacement over time, and it can be difficult to tell when to get a new roof. Being aware of some warning signs allows homeowners to save a lot of headache and money by knowing when to contact Newport News roofers.

The easiest and most important warning signal is the age of the roof. Experts tend to agree that an asphalt roof will last anywhere from 20 to 30 years before it needs replacement. This is considerably less time than other roofing materials, but because of its lower cost, the asphalt shingle roof is by far the most popular for residential properties. Once the home has reached approximately 20 years, keeping a closer eye on the roof is very important so that big problems do not occur.

Scanning the roof for missing shingles is yet another simple way to determine if it is at peak efficiency. With only a few missing shingles, a simple repair may be all that is required instead of an entirely new roof, but it is important to contact a roofing contractor to discuss the needs specifically.

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High winds and strong storms can cause minor damage to individual shingles, but again, it needs to be addressed quickly and professionally to avoid long-term and lasting damage to the interior of the home.

The attic of a home can give some of the most important information about the effectiveness of a roof. Light shining through boards and moisture in the insulation of the attic area are clear indicators of roof leaks. Monitoring the attic for excess moisture build-up is also important to prevent premature curling of shingles as well. The curling of shingles is another indicator of age or increased moisture causing the roof to be ineffective at keeping moisture out of the interiors of the home. This can be seen by simply looking at the outside, as the curling shingles will be very visible.

These are all points to consider when maintaining a roof and contemplating replacement. Roofing contractors are very knowledgeable about the latest technology and product lines in asphalt roofing and other types of roofs as well. Allowing the professionals in this area to do this type of work is advisable and avoid the do-it-yourself project.

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