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Newport News Roofers: Article About The Advantages Of Using Pine Shingles

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With how many different types of wood homeowners can choose from for a wood shingle installation, it can be difficult for many to find the right kind. All homeowners will have different needs. One of the most commonly recommended types of wood that Newport News roofers work with is pine. Pine shingles are renowned for their durable characteristics and the variety of natural advantages they can offer to homeowners. Roofing specialists will encourage homeowners to learn more about what makes pine such a beneficial material before they begin working on any installations.

One of the most immediate advantages customers will enjoy is affordability. Pine shingles are very cost effective, allowing individuals to opt for a reliable and durable installation without having to worry about making significant changes in their budget. Pine is an inexpensive material because it can be found naturally all over the United States. There is a tremendous supply of the wood available, which means that roofers can provide it as a fast and reliable installation option. Different treatment plans and sealant applications can result in some changes in the pricing, but homeowners will always be able to look forward to a more affordable installation, especially when compared to other types of shingles.

Pine lumber can be a good option because it is also very durable.

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It is a structurally strong wood that excels at resisting decay and rot. It can be further pressure treated to become denser, while still remaining relatively lightweight. This means that homeowners will be able to save money on future repairs and replacements with this option because it is so reliable. When treated correctly, pine can also be a great investment for the long term because of how well it resists weathering and other aging elements. Homeowners can expect to get as much as 30 to 40 years out of their systems with regular maintenance.

Finally, pine shingles are renowned for their style and visual appeal. Homeowners interested in creating a more rustic appeal to their homes will benefit from the application of pine shingles, which can be stained to create an array of different surfaces, colors and styles. While they are a durable wood, roofing professionals enjoy working with these shingles because they are easy to install and weigh considerably less than roofing materials such as stone or clay tiles. The dense surface holds nails and fasteners well, guaranteeing that no matter how bad the weather can get, these shingles will stay where they are needed.

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