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Steep slope roofs offer a dramatic look to any property, but homeowners must realize that working on these surfaces is difficult for both repair workers and major renovators. When Newport News roofers commit to a steep slope shingle installation, there are several extra steps workers must follow to work safely on the structure. With a successful installation, steep slope roofs have a long life ahead of them.

A major distinction between steep slope and traditional roof installations is safety equipment. Some companies can actually forgo certain safety items on roofs with a comfortable pitch. However, steep slopes cannot be serviced or replaced without proper gear. Contractors add foot rests and anchors to the rooftop, providing secure areas to hold feet and safety harnesses tightly to the structure. Most falls are caught with these safety items installed.

Homeowners will often have a higher estimate for their steep slope installation because more workers are necessary. One roofing crew can only work on the surface for about two to three hours. Fatigue sets in after that period, compromising quality and worker safety. Another crew that was working at ground level relieves the roof group after a certain time period, continuing with the project using fresh workers. This project management concept keeps the project on track and keeps mistakes to a minimum.

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Although all rooftops must have careful attention applied to their layout, steep slopes require even more concentration. Because the pitch is so extreme, shingle layouts are more visible from the ground compared to traditionally sloped structures. Contractors must work hard to lay all shingles in an attractive pattern with no fasteners visible on the surface. When visitors look up at the roof, they'll see a perfect pattern for decades to come.

Steep slope replacements do cost more than traditional roofs, but their longevity is slightly better with the same materials. The extreme angle forces water quickly off the surface, and leaks generally cannot form. The sun's rays glance off a steep roof's pitch, allowing the materials to remain protected from excessive ultraviolet radiation. Homeowners should gauge the rooftop's value based on steep slope's positive attributes to put the replacement cost into perspective.

Homeowners should notice contractors measuring the structure during estimation processes. They'll look carefully at the rise over run, or the pitch of the roof. This angle is critical to material quantities and labor cost estimates. Without an accurate estimate, contractors and homeowners may have to negotiate charges again before the project commences.

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