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Ventilating the roof is one of the most important parts of maintaining it. Not only can proper rooftop ventilation help keep the roofing system in healthy condition, but it can also help make sure that the homeowner does not spend more money than they need to on their energy bills. Newport News roofers can provide homeowners with the rooftop ventilation services they need, but it is up to the customers to know when it is time to have the system inspected. By keeping their eyes open for the following warning signs, individuals will find it easy to know when their rooftop ventilation may need to be repaired or adjusted.

All inspections begin with a general understanding of the roof area and what it needs to stay well ventilated. To begin, if the homeowner does not have any external vents in their roof, then there is already a problem that will need to be addressed. These vents help drive hot air out and keep cool air in, and they are vital for a functional system.

If the homeowner comes up to the attic and it feels more humid than usual, that can be a sign of a problem as well. Sometimes the attic's temperature can be telling enough, even without the homeowner going to the upper levels of their home.

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If they touch their lower level's ceiling and find that it is warm against their skin on a hotter day, then it may be indicative of a ventilation problem. If the exterior paint underneath the rooftop is peeling, this may be a clearly visible sign of trouble as well.

Sometimes, during the winter, the eaves of the roof may collect thick ridges of ice. When that happens, it is a sign that warm air is not being kept well in the home. If the homeowner notices condensation or frost collecting in their attics during the winter, it may point to a ventilation problem.

Homeowners may also notice problems with their attic's ventilation system if they spot mold and mildew underneath the rafters and other support structures. The appearance of such damage is a clear sign of moisture concerns, ones that almost always originate from poor ventilation in the attic.

Finally, if it has been a while since the homeowner has last replaced or upgraded the insulation in their attic, then it may be time for an inspection. The ventilation system, just like the roof itself, should always be carefully inspected to make sure that there are no concerns.

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