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Newport News Roofers: Article About Servicing Soffits and Fascia Board

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When Newport News roofers visit a home for basic maintenance, homeowners should be aware of what the inspection entails. The roof has many components making up its official system. Its main purpose is to move water to the ground without damaging the structure with moisture issues. Part of the roof is the soffit and fascia board. These two components must be surveyed, repaired or replaced as necessary during preventive maintenance appointments.

The soffit, which is one of the easiest areas to access, is usually checked first after the shingles. The soffit is located under the roof's eave. It's the protected space under the roof deck before the eave terminates. Contractors lean ladders against the structure and carefully look at this area. They'll verify the home has enough soffit vents for adequate air flow into the roof system, for example. Contractors also look at vents to determine if they've been painted over. Additionally, all vents must be clear to maintain a healthy roof system.

The fascia board is the hanging lumber at the roof eave that provides the soffit with its weathering protection. Contractors apply gentle pressure to this lumber to ensure it's not rotting or decaying in any way.

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Fascia is vulnerable to water damage if the eave's drip edge or nearby gutters aren't serviced or installed properly. Roofers will replace the fascia if its strength is compromised.

Because the soffit is sheltered, animals may want to nest in this area. Roofers look for any pests infiltrating support beams in the soffit area. They'll remove any critters and replace roofing components as necessary to ensure a strong structure. These support beams are an integral part of the roof's strength, so it is rare that they experience severe damage.

Roofers also routinely check the gutters to verify that water is reaching the ground in a controlled manner. They'll adjust gutter angles and reattach loose fasteners. Gutters cannot have any low lying areas because this shape encourages puddling. Water becomes stuck and damages items below it with overflow. Contractors paying careful attention to all trim items can recommend repairs that will make the entire roof work better than before.

From the structure's hips to downspout extensions, contractors have many areas to evaluate during one appointment. Allow professionals to have at least one hour for inspection purposes. Hurrying an appointment along only makes it less accurate. Contractors must find all problem areas and design a repair strategy around them. When homeowners hire professionals for these routine tasks, a long lasting roof can be serviced and preserved for many years.

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