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Homeowners looking to purchase a new roof have many possibilities to choose from, and Newport News roofers are a great source of information when learning about these materials. Common roofing materials such as wood shakes, slate and copper have been used exactly the same way in roofing for centuries. However, in the last few decades, new materials have been used in roofing. The most prominent examples include the asphalt fiberglass shingle, shingles that are made from fiber cement and plastic composite shingles. These materials have been designed to increase the durability, affordability and safety of roofs.

Each type of roofing material has its own set of benefits and its own set of drawbacks. Homeowners must sort through available options to find the one that is right for their lifestyle and their roof.

The simplest thing for homeowners to do is to replace the material on their roof with an updated version of the same thing. While there is some logic to sticking with what worked in the past, homeowners who do not explore other options in roofing material may be missing the opportunity to upgrade the quality and appearance of their roof.

Some newer composite materials provide improved weather barrier protection for the home. Roofing materials must be able to shed rain while at the same time support heavy snows, endure heavy winds and bear up under the scorching heat of the sun for many years.

Roofing contractors from Jayhawk Exteriors of Newport News would be happy to answer any questions you have about windows or siding.

Depending on the climate and the area where the home is located, some materials are going to provide better protection than others.

The pitch and slope of a roof will also determine what roofing material is best to use. Shingles, tiles and slate materials are best used on roofs that have a 4 in 12 or steeper slope. Flat roofs or roofs that have a low pitch will require seamless materials that like built up tar and gravel or a sprayed on polyurethane foam. If these materials are not used, the roof will leak as water collects on the surface.

The weight of roofing material is another factor to consider. The structural framing of a roof is only designed to carry a certain amount of weight. If the roofing material used exceeds these weight limitations, the structural integrity of the home may be compromised.

The most important structure in a home is its roof. By properly selecting roofing materials and by performing regular maintenance, a homeowner can guarantee that their roof will have a long, problem free life.

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